Four Reasons You Still Need a Real Estate Agent:

It might seem like a great idea to forgo using a real estate agent to save on money, but in the long run you might lose much more. It might look easy, but there’s much more involved than throwing a sign in the front yard or window – otherwise everyone would take that route! Buying or selling a home is a major financial and emotional undertaking; it demands time, money and more that you might not have even imagined.

1. Real-estate agents are informed on all the goings-on in the neighborhood. They’re able to track down homes that fit your criteria, organize with sellers’ agents and make appointments that fit your schedule. If you’re buying on your own, you will have to play this telephone tag yourself.
     If you’re selling on your own, you’ll have to answer phone calls from interested parties (who might call during work or dinner), answer questions and make appointments. If you tend to be busy or don’t respond quickly enough, they might move on.

2. Negotiating contracts is a tricky business, but they’re there for a reason. If certain conditions aren’t met, you could be sued or lose your deposit on the home.
An experienced real-estate agent deals with contracts and conditions regularly and is familiar with how a contract can protect you.

3. Some buyers may look to take advantage of a home sold by owners who don’t have an agent involved; they’re looking to “saving the commission.” They might expect to save money because of this reason, and make an offer accordingly. Unless buyer and seller agree to split the savings, they can’t both save the commission.
    These people looking for a bargain are about 2% of the market. If you had reached the other 98%, you could have gotten a higher price for your home. 

Real-estate agents are great at acting as a liaison between buyers and sellers, even when their job might be tough. If you’re buying a home without an agent, you’ll have to speak directly with the homeowner about any decorating skills you despise, and you might hurt their feelings talking about how much the upgrades will cost you.
    Did you know that a seller could reject a potential buyer’s offer for any reason, including hurt feelings? An agent is a pro at smoothing things over to keep them from getting too personal, putting you in a better position to get the house you want.

There are many people who could do this on their own, but if you explore our website, you’ll see that our process is much more intricate than one might assume! It can really pay to have a professional on your side.