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We have three objectives when you hire us: To assist in getting as many qualified and motivated buyers as possible into your home until it’s sold, to weekly communicate the results of our actions and to assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value for your property. They’ve worked in getting one to two homes sold per week, more than 700 in the past 10 years. 
Pricing a home is part art, part science. It requires the expertise of realtors who can compare prices paid for similar properties in recent sales. Also, because of an emotional attachment to homes, the judgment of professional agents with a detached view is vital. Our list price to sales ratio over the last 60 days is 98 percent.

A property receives its fullest exposure in its first three to five weeks on the market. Statistics from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) indicate that the longer a house is listed, the lower the selling price will be in relation to the asking price. Our average number of days for a home to be on the market over the past 90 days is 40.

We know that a home on the market is a non-productive asset, draining financial resources toward continuing ownership cost: interest, taxes, maintenance and more, preventing you from proceeding with whatever plans led you to the decision to sell. With the same expertise that’s led to our results for a decade, we’ll help you efficiently move on up.